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The new Google Chromecast is beautifully redesigned

Shame we'll never be able to buy it.

Google's Chromecast may be a really handy little device, but it will never place first in a beauty contest. It is more utilitarian than beautiful, which is acceptable considering that it is usually buried behind the TV and is supported by an HDMI connector.

The device has been reimagined by Belgian industrial design student Roel Heyninck(opens in new tab) as something that is both beautiful and functional.

Roel's concept design for the Chromecast adds a new four-button remote control that can be used in portrait mode as a TV remote or in landscape mode as a game controller — possibly for use with Google Stadia. The current generation Chromecast demands that you control it via a smartphone.

According to the designs, the remote, which has an off/on button for your TV on the back, can also be placed inside the Chromecast receiver, where it might wirelessly charge.

Although the concepts are quite Apple-like, Roel also released his design mood board, which demonstrates that he was inspired by items created by Google, Sony, and the London-based design group Blond (opens in new tab).

Google could certainly offer a remote for the Chromecast. After all, both the competing Apple TV and Amazon's Fire TV stick have a control. However, considering that Google REALLY wants you to utilize Android, we believe your phone will serve as the remote control. Shame.

Check out the complete gallery (opens in new tab) for more of Roel's designs and concept Chromecast photos (opens in new tab).